This Christmas/Chanukah, gift-giving is definitely not about the fastest, the flashiest, or the shiniest new toys.  Thoughtful gifts are always in fashion, and a gift from the heart is sure to make Baby, and Baby’s parents, feel totally special.  This year there are so many unique, creative, and inexpensive gift ideas out there!  Here are a couple of small packages that pack a really big punch:


The holiday season is all about giving and spreading joy, and when it comes to putting the spirit of Christmas and Chanukah into action, IKEA‘s newest collection of Soft Toys do double duty.  They’re good for the babies in your life because they deliver positive benefits like stimulating babies’ sight, hearing, and sense of touch, (plus they’re huggable, snuggable, and adorable!), and they’re also good for children everywhere- for every Soft Toy purchased from November through December 24, IKEA will donate one euro to UNICEF and Save the Children to help provide children around the world with a chance to go to school and further their education.  The Soft Toy campaign is part of the IKEA Social Initiative- a global initiative dedicated to, among other things, improving children’s right and opportunities.  Ranging in price from $.49 to $19.99, IKEA Soft Toys are an easy way to give back and provide babies and kids with benefits sure to last a lifetime.  And that price range is not a typo- I found the cutest little bear for $1.99!  Last year the Soft Toy program generated more than ten million dollars, so lots of little numbers really add up!  A small gift from you to Baby can be a large gift to children everywhere…

Shopping for Baby this Christmas is going to be good for the soul and easy on the wallet- it truly is the thought that counts!

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