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As a Greek/Italian-American, I feel as though I might be the sole reason waxers, Daisy razor blades and laser hair treatment centers have stayed in business. Too much information? Perhaps, but here is some crucial information you don’t want to leave home without…keep her smooth, but safe.

Enrique Ramirez, Owner Face to Face Salon in NYC

While going bare down there is a trend that continues to grow each year, spas have had to become increasingly savvier in best waxing practices, in order to ensure the highest level of safety.  Beauty expert and founder of face to face NYC, Face To Face NYC, Enrique Ramirez offers his tips on how women can make sure they are in “Good Hands” literally!

  • Make sure to request hard wax which when it hardens pulls the hair not skin, and try to request a brand known to also have soothing ingredients
  • Try and always use obstetric wipes to sanitize yourself , don’t be afraid to ask its for your own protection
  • A professional esthetician should always initially clean the bikini area with a hospital based disinfectant, always be observant of what’s being done before your treatment
  • Make sure that your esthetician never goes over an area twice , this could cause serious irritation and possible skin breakage which leaves you exposed to bacteria
  • Double Dipping is not a safe practice, and the spatulas should never be reused,  if the esthetician appears to be double dipping or reusing spatulas stop them immediately
  • Its always good to follow up at home with an antibiotic ointment such as “Brave Solider”, as a precaution

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