When Will I Win the Lottery??…by Christabelle

Anyone who knows me for five minutes, knows about my obsession with psychics. Since I was a youngster, I have been fascinated by the mystical and metaphysical, saving my money to treat myself to psychic readings twice a year.  I have had my share of “bad” experiences…including one who told me I would never have kids and one who told me I was a witch in my past life (yes…two things NO woman wants to hear). But when my path crossed with Justine Kenzer (AKA PsychicGirl), she became my one and only. 

Justine gave me my first reading over the computer, which I thought would be a bit impersonal – how could her psychic guides read me throught the world wide web. My reading wound up being not only warm and comforting – it also resulted in a HUGE  WOW moment in my life. Justine sprinkled my reading with humor, kind words and honesty – alongside her true clairvoyent abilities to read into my past, present and future. Her insight is remarkable and her predictions freakishly on target. With celebrity clients like Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Karen Allen, Carmen Electra and Suzanne Sommers…would you expect any less? Now, on year six of knowing and loving Justine, she has become not only my personal ‘PsychicGirl‘ but a dear friend whose talent and skills continue to overwhelm me with every reading.  Skeptics are welcome – you will walk away with your jaw dropped to the floor wondering to yourself ‘how does this stunning, fashionable, raven haired woman do it?’…I have stopped asking her how and just learned to trust her visions and know she always has an eye out for my best interests. Read what her other clients are saying if you don’t believe me (which you always should!) by clicking HERE.

Readings with PsychicGirl Justine Kenzer can be arranged via phone, in person and even over IM! Yes, technology has definitely caught up with this ancient tradition.  Book in advance – PsychicGirl has a bevy of clients that keep her booked up pretty solid. And know your money has been well earned and spent as a 35-40 minute reading will cost you $200 (via PayPal). Have a question about readings? Contact her at justine@psychicgirl.com.

Now here comes the reallllly good part…PsychicGirl is giving one lucky Christabelle’s Closet reader and shopper a FREE 35-40 minute reading (a $200 value).  


Just hop over to PsychicGirl.com and come back here and add a comment to this post on why you think Justine Kenzer – PSYCHICGIRL –  is the coolest, most talented psychic around! Contest closes on July 10, 2009 (Midnight EST). ONE lucky winner will be chosen on July 11, 2009. Winner will be notified directly via email and will be responsible for setting up their own appointment. No purchase necessary. US residents only. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry only, please!

50 Responses

  1. Rhonda

    Justine IS the coolest psychic. But more importantly she is compassionate. She has been my go to person through some very tumultuous times in my life spanning nearly a decade. She tells it like it is but with love and light. Keep doing what you do Justine. Your an amazing soul.

  2. Joanne Schultz

    She sounds warm, compassionate, and down-to-earth. And helping people work through their problems, giving them insight- what could be cooler than that!
    I’m very logic-based, and have a tendency to be skeptical of things I don’t understand. But if I can believe a fortune cookie that tells me riches are headed my way, I’d certainly be willing to talk with a psychic!

  3. Carol

    I had a reading a few years back when I was having trouble with a very big life decision. Her advise and guidance proved to be right on. I know that I made the right decision. I’m very spiritual by nature and she is a truly special person.

  4. Tanya

    Justine once did some fashion readings for the readers of my blog advising them on what to wear to their up coming special events. All the readers said that she was “dead on”!

    Ever since then, I have been dying to have her read for me!! I have several really big decisions coming up and would love her insight. I hope I win the reading!

  5. cathi rushing

    It has been many years ago and it was so right, I would love to have her do a reading, many things are going on and I NEED HELP

  6. Jess

    I’d love to win because I’ve never had a psychic reading before and she looks very easy to talk to!

  7. Flossie

    While I have not yet had the joyous experience of a reading with Justine, I did accompany a friend to a session. It was absolutely fabulous! She just ‘seemed’ to know things…her intuition was amazing! I think my friend moved through some blockages that have held her back for years!! Justine helped my friend with some profound issues, and gave powerful insights, that my friend talks about to this day!

    I would love to have the opportunity to have a session with Justine, and see what she can uncover for me!!

  8. Annie

    PsychicGirl is intelligent, honest, compassionate, spiritual, talented, and most importantly very relatable in today’s modern society.
    I think PsychicGirl is doing an awesome work because she is spreading awareness to teens and women in their 20s and 30s about spirituality, all the while appealing to the hip and cool trends of today.
    Just look at Justine– beautiful, fashionable, spiritual, and warm– it is no wonder the public (the press)and numerous celebrity clients love her.
    She is just the person to bridge the gap of mainstream and alternative lifestyles into one.

    PsychicGirl, you are truly amazing, and I hope you keeps up your fabulous work!

    I would love to win a reading with PsychicGirl–someone who not only reads the future, but heals and coaches you on a spiritual level for you to achieve and attract your heart’s desires– she seems impossibly perfect.

  9. Susan C

    I have never had a psychic reading, but have always wanted one. I think Psychic Girl is the coolest because you can tell she is honest and caring!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  10. Sandi Smith

    Her most important attribute for me is her compassion. I would be a happy camper if I should win this.

  11. vicky boackle

    psychic girl is the greatest,she seems to care about people.

  12. Tracy

    Alot of people I respect seem to respect her judgement, advice and wisdom, that’s enough of an endorsement for me to give this thing a try. I have never had a reading before. I never even thought about past lives would be interested to know who I was then,and who I will be in the future. I have a good handle on who I am now! LOL! 🙂 Thanks for the chance, this is quite a generous giveaway!

  13. joe gersch

    I don’t know why Justine Kenzer is the coolest psychic, but would like an opportunity for a reading to find out why!


    Justine Kenzer sure sounds like an awesome psychic.
    I’d love to have her in my corner and especially would love to win a reading from her!


  15. trishden

    I think Justine Kenzer – PSYCHICGIRL – is the coolest, most talented psychic around because she claims to help heal broken hearts and anyone that can do that must be cool. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  16. Sarah Z

    Wow, Justine seems so down to earth and really cares about helping people. She doesn’t look old enough to be doing this for 20 years though! I need her secret!

  17. ky2here

    It looks like she takes the time to listen and intuit instead of barging forward with her own agenda.

  18. Debra F

    I like that she considers herself more of a spiritual healer than a psychic. I think we can all use some spirtual healer to improve our lives and I would really love to win a reading because it is something I could never afford.

  19. Michelle Fosnaugh

    I would love to win a reading because she is amazingly talented and I’ve also had some pretty bad psychics before.

  20. Brandy Ontiveros

    The first and only psychic I’ve ever been to was in San Francisco…on Haight-Ashbury St. for a whopping $5. Soooo yeah. I’m thinking it’s time for a real reading! I’ve been interested in all things metaphysical since I was in grade school, and I used to follow a very well known psychic religiously until recently. Long story short…I still believe in actual psychic ability, just skeptical of the folks claiming the ability. It appears that Justine is not only beautiful, but possibly (gasp!) a real live psychic and I’d love to win!

  21. Melissa

    She had me at hello…. not literally. In her first paragraph she said she was about helping people find answers and healing. Just love it!

  22. Denise M

    The fact that the celebs go to her is good enough for me! I would love to get a reading!

  23. Claire

    She seems very kind, genuine and like she has your best interests at heart, which is a very wonderful thing as many psychics who find their home on the web nowadays seem to give off an oddly cold and mechanical vibe (in fact, this is exactly what has been keeping me from seeking the service of one!).

  24. Linz

    Linz said:
    My very own pyschic “bells” (and they are little bells – so little they only work for me) are ringing out to me that she is more than okay as a pyshic so I’d love to have the opportunity to chat to her for just a short while.

  25. madamerkf

    I think that she is cool because she isn’t flamboyant or someone who tries to scare you into coming back for more readings. From her press mentions and testimonials it seems as if her work speaks for itself without alot of flowery adjectives and meta-physical descriptions.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  26. Barbara Fox

    Well, I hit the links, but got a Error 404 – Not Found–but I really would like a reading 🙂

  27. Vicki Andrew

    Love that she does past lives, I have had past life readings and they helped me to understand this life’s lesson. I am facing some life choices and need some insight. love a reading

  28. Gina

    I love that she considers herself a healer. She exudes warmth and kindness, which is so compelling.
    I am so in need of direction right now. I have been struggling with something for a couple of years now and am ready to move forward and make changes. A reading with Justine would mean the world to me.

  29. Jennifer gersch

    Well, I keep getting an erro when I go to her link……but I am going to try to be a psychic and say that she’s the coolest because I will be the one picked for the reading

  30. Roxann

    I think Justine Kenzer is the coolestbecause she seems down to earth. You can usually tell how a person writes if they are genuine or a phony and her writing seems genuine to me. Thanks for the chance.

  31. andrea

    Justine seems to be very unique and genuine. Maybe one the youngest psychic girl that I have seen. Thanks for the chane

  32. Melissa

    Ok, forget the dang reading..I can stumble through life with my blind folds on. But HELLO?? Now I’m afraid to watch T.V!!! lol.

  33. Pam T

    She seems to truly care about helping people! Would love a reading with her

  34. Marilyn R

    her skills are amazing, i want to put them to the test…. when will I?

  35. sadkins67

    I think that she is a genuine reader with compassion for people’s issues.

  36. dorothy l

    because she seems to really care about the person she is giving a reading to con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  37. jen

    This is the 3rd time in three years that I’ve come across Psychic Girl’s website and feel absolutely drawn to get a reading. I’m drawn to her sense of fun and her bright spirit. If it doesn’t happen this time, i have a feeling I’ll be getting a reading sometime in the future.

  38. Sheila

    Because she seems very easy to talk to, and also she seems like she cares. Thanks for the chance!

  39. alycep

    It is cool that she reads for celebrities etc but the best thing is that she considers herself a healer-I like that-not pretentious at all but truly wants to help.

  40. george ferris

    I do not know much about psychics or their ability to predict the future.

  41. Lindsay

    I think that its really cool that she’s about finding answers. A lot of psychics they just give you vague generalities. This one really wants to give you answers to the questions that you have.

  42. Nancy Sordetto

    She has such an open, appealing expression on her face. I’d love to have the money to get a reading. I like that she uses humor and kindness in her dealings with clients.

  43. jjean

    I love that she can tune into a person’s energy no matter if they are in LA or Louisiana, but the coolest thing is that she is well reported & respected by celebs but will still do all he can to make appointments with someone less glamorous, like me. Thanks!

  44. Dillon

    I think its so cool that she’s the psychic to the stars. They can obviously afford the best so she must be the best.

  45. michelle lopez

    psychic girl seems like the real deal. I appreciate honesty and sincerity, she seems to have both. It would be an honor to have a reading by her. thanks

  46. Greg

    It’s great that she’s a healer and really wants to help people.

  47. Dan

    I think its really cool that she does all this for celebs. If its good enough for them its good enough for me.

  48. Jan

    I love psychic readings. I think you find out really interesting information by going to them and she seems like a really caring and nurturing woman.