In a recent global survey, more than 70 percent of women around the world ranked chocolate as more irresistible than shopping, jewelry or even sex. Not very hard to believe! Based on this insight, , both a bodyspray and a shower gel for guys that is as irresistible as chocolate. Now you can be just like the chocolate man being chased through the streets with this scent developed by world-renowned fragrance expert, Ann Gottlieb (she also designed CK One, Obsession, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s scent Covet). combines the subtle aroma of chocolate with fresh gourmet scents including hot chocolate amber and red peppercorn. Turn yourself into a tempting piece of chocolate for your Valentine this year with just a few drops of AXE Dark Temptation. It’s how dirty boys get clean.

can be purchased for under $10 for the set at – OR – you can ENTER TO WIN A FREE SET OF AXE DARK TEMPTATION JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!  The uber cool folks at AXE have given Christabelle’s Closet 5 sets of AXE Dark Temptation (body spray and shower gel) to help YOU get ready for Valentine’s Day. AND if that wasn’t enough – they are also giving ONE of the FIVE winners a $100 American Express Gift Card…


Congratulations to our five winners:
SECOND PRIZES: Kristen, NH – John, NJ – Geoff, OH and Mack, TX

Just add a comment to this post on why AXE Dark Temptation is your pick for Valentine’s Day. Contest closes on February 8, 2009 (EST). 5 lucky winners will be chosen on February 9, 2009. Winners will be notified directly via email. No purchase necessary. US residents only. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry only, please!

522 Responses

  1. Betty

    I love the smell of Axe products, and how can you go wrong with chocolate?!

  2. Nora SP

    Who dosen’t like chocolate for one and I love the axe product line.

  3. Cheryl F

    I love Axe products on my man and can’t wait to try Dark temptations…now that’s my kibda chocolate for Valentine’s day.

  4. Marilyn

    I love CHOCOLATE. Now I can smell it all day long by using AXE Dark Temptation!

  5. David Puglisi

    It is my pick because It makes me feel good about myself

  6. Karen

    This new line of Axe products smells fantastic! My guy would love it.

  7. Joe P

    I really like this stuff but my son says the girls REALLY like it. If I win, I bet he steals it! lol

  8. Mary

    I like the product and so does my husband, so why not make it my pick.

  9. Denise

    This is my pick, because I’ve never tried it but think it sounds wonderful.

  10. Marla

    Axe products are great. Add chocolate to tehm and you’ve got a winner.

  11. Laura Harrison

    My son uses AXE products. I have never bought the chocolate kind for him but would like to smell it. Good idea for a Valentine for my teen son! If this kind is irresistible to the girls, that’s great because he will be needing a prom date!

  12. Sandra K

    I usually like the scent of Axe, but I would definitely have to smell the Dark Temptation. I LOVE chocolate, but not sure if I want my man smelling like it.

  13. Michele Cook

    Never heard of this scent before but my husband does enjoy axe. So to add a chocolate scent should spell nice.

  14. Renee C.

    I love the commercial and have heard great things of both AXE and this Dark Temptation. Would love to have my hubby try it!


  15. mickeyfan

    Hubby uses some Axe products, but if he can smell like a chocolate bar too? Oh myyyyyyyyyy.

  16. Michael

    Are you kidding?
    This stuff might be my only chance
    for a happy Valentines Day.

  17. robyn scollo

    Both my son and husband wear Axe. love it. They love the axe and I love the chocolate!

  18. Davina

    Dark Temptation is my pick for valentines day because it is my husbands signature scent (as he calls it) and I must admit, it does smell pretty good!

  19. Charlene Townsend

    MMMMMMMMM>….Chocolate…How can I resist?..PLEASE enter me.

  20. Mellissa

    I love the smell of dark temptation on my husband. He doesn’t buy expensive cologne anymore because this smells so good and is priced so right for his pockets.

  21. Sara Poole

    Axe is an amazing product that is both affordable and smells wonderful. I love it and my boyfriend wears it. I can’t help but crawl all over him! And to have him smell like chocolate??? Wow…my favorite food and my favorite guy smelling like it would be absolute heaven!!!

  22. Ann Fantom

    My husband uses Axe products already, and I would like him to try this one for Valentine’s day. It sounds wonderful!

  23. melissa kauffold

    Anything chocolate I have to get involved! Enter me!

  24. Victoria

    What could be better than your guy smelling like chocolate?!?!

  25. MyDarlin

    The smell of chocolate is so delicious! Who could resist this AXE product?

  26. jeanilynne

    I’ve always liked the smell of Axe products. The new Dark Temptation sounds yummy.

  27. Brandlyn

    Chocolate taste so good, who would not want to smell like that.

  28. thinkingbrain135

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because my husband would smell delicious wearing it.

  29. Trisha R.

    Are you telling me I can make my husband smell like chocolate? Whats not to love about that??

  30. Terri Austin

    I love when my man uses Axe. Wow does the smell do it for me!!! (It brings out the tiger in me!) Please let me win..both my husband and I would be so happy!!!!

  31. Heather Wallace

    Chocolate and Valentines day go hand in hand, so it’s perfect for my husband to smell like chocolate on Valentines day.

  32. Linda White

    AXE and chocolate? Oh baby gimmee gimmee gimmee!!!!!!!!!

  33. durberville

    Love Axe scents…..but chocolate? NOW you’re talkin’!

  34. Jessica Miller

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick because Its something new.. I would love to give it to my boyfriend and have him try it out!:)


    can you really say anything bad about chocolate—yummers.

  36. Jenny

    All of the AXE products are wonderful! The chocolate sounds amazing! I would love for my husband to wear this! Thanks!

  37. Jennifer B.

    Mmmm… Chocolate. This sounds appealing on many levels.

  38. Christine

    It’s my pick for Valentine’s day for my son,he loves axe and it’s cheap.

  39. jffryclough

    boy, you had to ‘axe’ me.. welllllll i want the girls to go for me so i’d be wearing this…mmmmmchocolate…

  40. Bill

    I like all the Axe products, especially dark temptation, love the chocolate scent.

  41. McKim

    I would love this for my husband. After a grimy day at work this would smell great on him after his shower!

  42. Karil Whetstone

    would drive me crazy to smell this on my husband he would love it too. were chocohalics, love axe products

  43. Margaret Smith

    I pick AXE Temptation because it smells wonderful! I want my husband to use this and he’ll really be my valentine! Thanks so much.

  44. Vanessa C.

    AXE products smell amazing! And adding chocolate to that is even more sexy!

  45. Chuck Darrah

    Its my pick to use on valentines day for that added excitement that would surprise my fiance.

  46. Joy F

    Aroma of chocolate with fresh gourmet scents including hot chocolate amber. Sounds delish. Can’t wait to try it on my guy. Thanks.

  47. Dan

    My girlfriend loves the smell of Axe, so this would be perfect for valentines.

  48. Kathryn

    Axe products are very sensual. Chocolate Axe makes you want to ” eat up ” the person who is wearing it

  49. Suzy Horvath

    Axe products are the best! My son loves all the scents and purchases them all the time. How could you ever go wrong with the ladies if you smell like chocalate for Valentine’s Day! Chocalate Axe is sure to win a girl’s heart on Valentine’s Day!

  50. Kelly Ann T.

    When my husband smells good it is a real turn on for me. Chocolate is one of my favorite smells so this would be fantastic. Thank you so much.

  51. patrick m

    the both of us love AXE and what better time to wear it than valentines

  52. Rita A.

    A man that smells like chocolate? Can I have a case for my husband?

  53. Cory G.

    Sounds like an awesome giveaway! And why i would want it? Youve seen those commercials….who wouldnt want that!

  54. donna duarte

    i love the way axe products smell on my husbands skin….sexy, seductive, and strong all at the same time-

  55. Cynthia Shern

    Axe Dark Temptation would be a perfect valentines gift for my grown son. It would make a wonderful hugable scent for my granddaughters to suggle up to their daddy to. All women love a fresh smelling man.

  56. Celia

    Perfect. Indulging in chocolate without the calories. That would make anyone’s Valentine’s Day!

  57. Katie Ward

    I already know he’ll get me some chocolates, so you know I’m going to smell like them – how can I resist him if he smells like chocolates too? 🙂

  58. Catalina K

    Simply because I can make my husband, who usually smells like moss and green leaves, to suddently start smelling like chocolate. Fantastic transformation, considering my preference for this type of dessert!

  59. Anne L.

    As tempting as chocolate, huh? Now that’s a scent I gotta sniff!

  60. laurie

    wow i love the smell of axe and the smell of chocolate what a great combination. thanks for a great giveaway.

  61. Betty N

    I have not heard of this product before but it sounds amazing to give to my guy.

  62. Bev Harrison

    chocolate…what is there not to love? Gotta get some for my hubby.

  63. Angela Harris

    Chocolate!! yummy I would love for my hubby to smell like that

  64. Wanda

    As I understand it, all the AXE fragrances are irresistible. And we all know that chocolate is irresistible, at least to us gals, and that chocolate has been associated with Valentine’s Day since forever. I think that, by simple logic, this chocolate-smelling scent has to be declared the official Valentine’s Day fragrance for men! (And I bet if our guys wear it, we won’t crave the candy so badly!)

  65. Don Amos

    It is my pick for Valentine’s Day because it would be a treat for my wife!

  66. Lisa Kent

    Chocolate is irrestible. Why wouldn’t you want to make your husband irrestible too?

  67. Irene

    Please count me in! You’re a doll! =] Thanks for the giveaway. shadowsangell (at)

  68. Robin Stephens

    I am sensitive to some smells to the point that I actually get sick, but I love the smell of Axe. And what could smell better than chocolate??

  69. Sharon Rose

    I can’t imagine a more appealing scent on a man than the irresistible chocolate of AXE Dark Temptation!

  70. Estelle

    My husband always wears AXE products and I love the way he smells. If he smelled like chocolate he’d be even more irresistible to me! Oh, and if I smelled yummy chocolate all the time on my guy, maybe, just maybe, I’d get so sick of the smell of it and wouldn’t eat it so much. My diet might actually work!

  71. Amy Shulkusky

    AXE is ALL my son will use – he LOVES it!!! TY for a chance to win, amy

  72. michael woodard

    since my wife loves chocolate,she will go crazy smelling axe temptation on me and tear my clothes off.with that on your mind i will also get lucky thanks to axe temptation……

  73. Dawn

    My husband loves Axe products. He hasn’t tried Dark Temptations yet. This would make a great gift for him.

  74. d.j. parks

    I love chocolate, I love my husband, this is a dynamite combo. It would be a great gift for him…and me

  75. Douglas S

    Axe makes the greatest products… can’t wait to wear some more.
    great prize.. thanks !

  76. Melanie W

    My bf loves Axe. Him smelling like chocolate isn’t a bad idea either!

  77. Kevin Elliott

    I actually use Axe almost daily-My wife really likes it. I’ll make sure to put some on for v-day.

  78. Ellen Ring

    I love the smell of AXE & being chocolate makes it great for valentines.

  79. Tasha T

    My boyfriend and I love chocolate, and I think I would just ravish him if he wore that on v-day.

  80. Debbie Denny

    Love Axe and would love to win this for mi other. Great contest!!!!

  81. Giseli

    My husband uses Axe products…i would love for him to try it on VD…

  82. Lindsay

    I love it when a man smells like a man, this is why I like my husband to wear AXE

  83. Freddie

    Haven’t you seen the comercials? Axe = hot sexy women rubbing all over you.

  84. Tracy

    This chocolate is WAY less fattening than the alternative and much more fun! 😉

  85. Jessica Maurer

    Axe products are always so good smelling. I miss the scent of a man – Hubby is deployed to Iraq right now. I haven’t smelled his sexy scent in 9 months. Ahhhhh! New Axe with chocolate would drive me crazy with lust! Hubby must try it when he is home. 🙂

  86. Autumn H.

    My hubby-to-be wears this chocolate by axe, and although it doesn’t smell much of anything like chocolate – he does smell delish in it! Hopefully he’ll be wearing it on valentines too!

    autumn398 (at)

  87. Erica B.

    Who can resist a man that smells like chocolate and good enough to eat instead of like a dirty boy? mmmmmm….

  88. Charles

    My Wife loves chocolate so who can go wrong with smelling like chocolate for Valentine’s day!

    chuck_paz (@) yahoo (dot) com

  89. Staci K

    DH has never used Axe products but chocolate scents would definitely make things fun! ~thanks!

  90. Kristi C

    My husband already uses some Axe products. If he also smelled like chocolate all the better for me.

  91. Carol Lawrence

    If my husband smells like chocolate,I will be nibbling on his ear at our dinner.

  92. Scott Bergman

    Because it smells so good that women will be inspired to lick my body all over and shower me with affection.

  93. Belinda

    The Dark Temptation would make a great valentine’s day gift for my hubby. Chocolate without the calories.

  94. Jacob

    My wife loves the smell of chocolate. This could be very good for me!

  95. Linda Fish

    AXE Dark Temptation is my choice because my husband needs some sweetening up

  96. Kathleen

    I love men’s cologne (in small amount). Women’s scents typically give me a headache. Why do most women feel the need to put on enough scent for them to smell it themselves. Typically they are immune to the scent and don’t realize they STINK. Ease off gals.

  97. Barb V

    Who wouldn’t want their man to smell yummy and sexy all at once!

  98. Tesa S.

    I’d give this to my son, to help him with “girls”. He’s just starting to get interested in them, and you can’t go wrong with chocolate. I must say – the commercials for this product are OUTSTANDING – where the girls are biting chunks outta the choco guy!!! 🙂 Yay – that’s my kinda man – a CHOCOLATE man!!!

  99. Rachel

    The Dark Temptation would make a great valentine’s day gift for my hubby. i can never resist the small of chocolate, so very nice.

  100. Susan

    The Dark Temptation chocolate sounds like a sexy scent! I’d love to have my man wearing this on Valentine’s day and every day!

  101. Michael Rockwell

    What could be a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that a romantic shower with my wife using Darl Temptations shower gel?

  102. Angela S.

    My son likes AXE. He wears it a lot. I’m sure he would like to try chocolate.

  103. Carrie

    We’ve never bought Axe products before, but this is certainly tempting and sounds like a great way to start.

  104. Elena

    This is my pick because I like chocolate and my husband can’t eat it, so the only way I’ll get him to smell like chocolate is by using this product! Thanks for the contest!

  105. txtransplant

    We know that smell is the best trigger for memories. When your guy smells great…well then think about what kind of memories you’ll be making! I’d love to be able to gift my guy with this fragrance. After 30 years together, we have a lot of memories to recapture!

  106. Ronda Garnett

    It would be my no calorie chocolate fix…when hubby wears it, I might even burn up a few calories 🙂

  107. Jason

    I use AXE products. I have never tried the chocolate kind but would like to try it.

  108. Larry Fullhart, II

    I’ve never tried this brand, and would like to try it.

  109. Carol G

    It is always pleasant when a man (or woman for that matter) smells good, and AXE seems to fill that bill.

  110. TiffanyO

    I love the way AXE products smell on my husband…maybe chocolate would be even sexier?

  111. Sharon R

    My husband uses Axe and I sure love the smell or choco, this should really be nice.

  112. Erin Walsh

    The only thing better than chocolate scent would be chocolate and peanut butter.

  113. Linda F

    I love the smell of chocolate. This would be great for the men in my life.

  114. Heather

    Wow, chocolate axe! I would love to give this to my husband!

  115. Shelley

    I guess I’m one of those 70%! Chocolate Axe sounds yummy.

  116. Kate

    My husband smelling like chocolate, almost too much for my poor brain to deal with. Bring it on!

  117. Deborah R

    Chocolate…pepper…how is that not hawt? How could I possibly resist? Stop me now before you have to edit my post for adult content….

  118. Barbara

    I choose Axe for Valentine’s because I have a dirty boy. 😉

  119. Jonny ASAP

    When I come home late from work w/ beer on my breath, I hose my body down w/ the chocolate AXE, jump in bed, wake my wife & I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Works every time!

  120. Gena

    Let’s face it, guys don’t always smell so great. I have had great success with Axe and I love chocolate, so this would be great!!

  121. Paulie Z

    I have been using Axe for a long time now. I love it and so do the ladies. Can’t wait to try this new one.

  122. Kristen

    I saw on a morning show once that the only scientifically proven aphrodisiac scent was …. bacon! While I begrudgingly believe that for men (insert Homer ‘mmmmmmm, piggggggg’ comment here), chocolate has to be one for women. Chocolate is the new bacon.

  123. Kasey P

    What better way to spice up a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner than to have your man smelling like chocolate too.

  124. Amy Zachek

    mmmm i love axe. this is quite the romantic prize pack… 😉

  125. April Jacques

    I love the smell of chocolate and would love to smell this on my husband.

  126. Lynda Ball

    Yummy, you can’t go wrong with the scent of chocolate. Hope I don’t bite him to hard!

  127. timothy l

    Who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate? i would find a date within minutes of leaving home .

  128. Brenda Michalak

    We love trying new things!!! I crave chocolate all the time so AXE Dark Temptations is an ideal must have for Valentine’s Day! (especially since we will be on a romantic getaway for my birthday on V-day 😀

  129. Delilah Vela

    Axe smells great on any occasion, but a chocolate scent for Valentine’s Day would be wonderful!

  130. Douglas W.

    AXE is a great product but the full line is sometimes difficult to find, Would make a great smile on my face if I won this. Thanks for the nice offering.

  131. Roxanne

    AXE is awesome, and how can you not love chocolate, a woman’s dream!

  132. trishden

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because my husband needs help in the scent department and maybe this will be the trick. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  133. Kim

    My boyfriend and the scent of chocolate? Irresistible! Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  134. angela c

    It would be my pick because I love the way my husband smells when he wheres any of their sprays. And what could smell better on him then this chocolaty scent.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    angelacisco at

  135. Colleen S

    MMMM MMM. I know its date night when my sweetie is wearing AXE.. Hoo wee Chocolate AXE means its Valentines day..

  136. Jessica Cote

    It’s my pick because I just love the way it smells on my husband! Makes me want to eat him up! lol!

  137. Carolyn G

    It’s my pick because I want something good for my hubby

  138. Katherine D.

    Axe Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because I love Axe products and I love chocolate!

  139. Terri D

    Since I’m dieting, I doubt that I’ll get any chocolates, so sthis is the next best thing!

  140. Jill Myrick

    I love it when my husband wears Axe products as he always smells sooo good. But add a touch of chocolate to that and he would smell Delicious !!
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway !

  141. Sadie Carey

    I think it is so cute when my husband goes and buys Axe stuff at the store. It makes me feel like he is still trying to impress me. He would really dig getting this from me. We still have such a crush on eachother!!

  142. linda

    My son is an Axe fanatic. Literally. He has bottles of it all over his room. I would love to win this for him. Thank you

  143. Jessica A

    my son wears axe, i’d love to give this to him should i win

  144. Teresa C

    Someone was finally thinking when they thought of Chocolate Axe for men. How can a woman resist?

  145. Cheryl W

    Why do I pick this for Valentine’s Day? Who can resist a man that smells like chocolate?!

  146. Martha H.

    Axe and chocolate! You can’t go wrong with that combination.

  147. DeniseG

    I best thing about Axe would have to be the smell…. sexy, sweet!!

  148. Jessica Verdin

    Because it makes my husband smell good enough to eat.

  149. Devon Weisz

    Although it would be hard to make my hubby much more delicious, this just might do it, by a notch!

  150. Beverley Justice

    My husband uses Axe every day, and I love it. Can’t wait for his to try this, too!

  151. Kirsten

    Because my husband DOESN’T use Axe and I would like him to.

  152. Meaghan F.

    I love chocolate and my boyfriend’s hair always smells like chocolate so this… sounds lovely! He uses Axe all the time. Love it.

  153. Stephanie B

    how can you go wrong with chocolate and a sexy scent : )

    you put your sexy scent near my chocolate or is it you put my chocolate all over your sexy scent.

  154. Melanie Lee

    I love my hubby and I love my chocolate. Put them both together and it sounds like pure ecstasy to me.

  155. denice p

    i love axe on my hubby, always makes me want to get nookie from him!

  156. Katie

    Chocolate is supposed to make you feel like you’re in love so what better smell for Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait for my husband to try it!

  157. Christine

    It’s chocolate, need I say more! Sounds like a winner to me. Thank you so much!

  158. Linda J.

    Well, c’mon. It’s chocolate. What more does anyone need to know?

  159. Charlotte W

    I’d like to win this for my husband. Maybe he could bathe in it! That was naughty wasn’t it? After 20 years we need something!!!!!

  160. Donna S.

    I love Axe and I love chocolate, the two together are perfect!

  161. mary

    who doesn’t like Chocolate, we keep it in the house all the time, but its doesn’t like me and my kids faces after words, of eatting it all~

  162. Lee Ann Garcia

    It is my pick for my son for Valentines Day. He is 20 and still expects something from mamma so I will be getting a box full of goodies to send to Hawaii where he is stationed at before he deploys

  163. KTanjaTK

    Mmm Axe mmm chocolate, I’d give this to my husband,
    and than…hmmm I won’t go into that 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  164. Linda E

    I really like the scent of Axe, haven’t tried the Dark yet but I bet it smells really good.

  165. Debbie Criss

    My husband only uses axe. I’m planning a very romatic get away in our bedroom with steak, decorations. this would be great. Please enter me, thank you

  166. Kelly Grant

    My husband likes to wear the AXE. I think he may enjoy this.

    kgrant77 at

  167. Leslie D.

    I love the smell of chocolate and the smell of spice. It sounds like a heavenly combination. Thank you!

  168. amber

    Nothing says sexy like my man and cocoa. Together that would be sexy overload. Yum! Thanks.

  169. Kandi

    My husband is a Dark Temptation, now he will smell like one as well as look like one.

  170. Sierra

    Wow, that scent sounds so yummy! I’d love to put that all over my husband!! 🙂

  171. Tisa

    SOunds very yummy! ~ 🙂 I could handle smelling that all day long! Thanks!

  172. mitchell

    Axe Dark Temptation is my pick because my friend uses it and loves it! thx! (

  173. David Clark

    This scent is a really good idea. I’m quite sure it work and I’m eager to try it. I will be looking for this next time I go to the store! Thanks for the contest.


  174. Linda Amerman

    I think my husband would like this because he would probably “get lucky” wearing it. What woman couldn’t resist a chocolate smelling man?

  175. brandy3

    i love the smell of axe. i’m sure the chocolate will make him smell good enough to eat!
    the gift card will really help. we both lost our jobs and we have 3 kids

  176. joanna smith

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentines Day because there is nothing more alluring, hypnotic and intoxicating than not being able to get enough of your man because he smells so amazing! This sweet and spicey scent sounds like it will transform my diamond in the rough man into the sensual, dreamy, romantic man I want him to be on Valentines Day where the chemical attraction between us is magical and pure heaven! I can only imagine the mysterious powers this scent will put over on us both! Thank you so much for letting me fantasize for a moment and enter into your very sweet giveaway!

  177. Teresa Hoyt

    I love it! It smells sweet and sexy at the same time! Thanks for the chance to win!

  178. Donna

    Axe Dark Temptation sounds great! My son really loves axe. So much so that my daughters complain that he sprays on too much. This new scent will be delightful with the pairing of the chocolate. Even if he sprays it in on a little heavy, I think this scent will be forgiving. If it smells as good as it sounds, he’ll probably use even more. I’ll definately be treating him to this new scent. You’ve given me a great idea as to what to buy a son who is away at college for Valentine’s day. He’ll love the indulgence, something he can no longer do while paying for college.

  179. Lori Walker

    we’re not eating sweets (on a diet) so this would be a good substitute

  180. Ken Robinson

    My sister would love this. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  181. Rachel

    I bought this for my son and it smelled so good I had to take it back and give it to my hubby. I love smelling it on him!

  182. Barbara McCrea

    this would be great for hubby and me, I absolutely love smelling edible, Thanks for the chance to win!

  183. Sarah

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for v-day because my boyfriend is even more irresistible when he smells yummy

  184. Ann.W

    AXE makes just about every man hot and if he is not hot by his looks just close your eyes and smell….yum!

    AXE Dark Temptation would be like getting a chocolate syrup massage daily (wink wink). Very sexy.

  185. ta sardina

    My Husband loves axe. Since chocolate isn’t in our budget this Valentine’s, this would be a great gift for him.

  186. Julie N

    I haven’t smelled it before, but I’d be happy to try it out.

  187. Phyllis Adams

    Hmmm a husband who smells like chocolate…what could be better?? 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    dr_sr_zwen at hotmail dot com

  188. Jeanette-MI

    Axe smells sooo good. Who wouldn’t want their husband to smell good?

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!


  189. Maria

    As a single girl, I will have to spray this on my own arm on vday to try to keep me away from giant boxes of sale chocolate in heartshaped boxes, but if I win the $100, I’ll definitely get a few of those, too.

  190. Margaret Carver

    I love it because of the great smells and the fact that the items make you feel pampered.

  191. Fluffy's Lover

    When I come to bed after a wonderful dinner out on the town and I have Axe on, my girl wants to take her desert to go… and that’s me, she takes me home and eats me up.

  192. Marjo

    Chocolate is everyone’s “better than sex food” isn’t it??

  193. Rosanne

    What better temptation than a spicy man covered in chocolate?

  194. Kimberly D.

    When my husband wears Axe, the children go take a nap 😉 And chocolate scent, omgosh, all I can say is HEAVEN!!!! Thanks 🙂

  195. JRG

    Well, my son likes AXE products, but I’m not so sure about chocolate….would have to smell it first I suppose. ha.

  196. Marianna B.

    My son LOVES Axe products so this would make the perfect “happy” for him on valentine’s day!

  197. Lisa Pembleton

    I LOVE the smell of AXE and am looking forward to having Hubby try Dark Temptation….. Yummy!

  198. Sharon Seneker

    Great giveaway! (I love your name! I don’t hear it often. I taught a little girl in Kindergarten with that name! Sooo pretty!) Thanks!

  199. Joyce

    Axe,Chocolate and Sex!?! Doesn’t get much better than that combo!

  200. Sherri G.

    I love the commercials for this stuff and want my boyfriend to have it!!

  201. Becky

    Chocolate and my man.. I don’t think I could keep my hand off of him! Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  202. Sarah

    mmm, my husband wore Axe while we were dating, though hasn’t recently, and I loved it. I bet this would smell so good!


    I love chocolate but not sure I want to smell like it.

  204. Beckie

    Although I have not had a chance to try this, I love the design and low-calorie option for my beauty product diet.

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for the opp.

  205. Crystal

    I love the Axe products. My husband uses everything Axe. I would really like to win this!!! 🙂

  206. Shelley

    I love the smell of Axe products on my hubby — and infused with chocolate? Sounds interesting and I’d love to get it for him!

  207. christin

    when my hubby wears axe he smells irresistible…who knows what might happen with chocolate:)

  208. cari king

    …chocolate on my man….he would smell good enough to eat.

  209. Jennifer G

    I love everything Axe makes! I’d love for my man to smell like chocolate!

  210. Jackie

    I love love love Chocolate. I think it smells so great and would love for my boyfriend to wear it more often!

  211. sandra

    i absolutely love chocolate, and of course the darker the better so this would be perfect for me!

  212. Jennifer M

    My nephew loves this stuff and it would be a Valentine’s treat for him.

  213. Kelly

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because it smells wonderful!

    🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  214. Teresa

    I love the smell of AXE that’s why it’s my pick for Valentine’s Day.


  215. ROBYN ELY


  216. LaDawne Brown

    i love the new scent. It smells so good and is affordable.

  217. Helen S

    I love Axe products and I love chocolate. Thanks for the Awesome giveaway!

  218. Kt

    mmm…make my man chocolate smelling!??!?!?!??!…..prrrrr….delish!

  219. Shelba Lanham

    The smell of Axe on a man is intoxicateing,turns me on.

  220. Kathy Conley

    It is a great combination of wonderful fragrance and yumminess!

  221. Hillary Fairchild

    I smelled this in the store the other night, and WOW! I totally wanted to buy that for my husband. Good smelling stuff!

  222. Jean D.

    My son loves the original Axe spray. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree: He loves chocolate nearly as much as I do. I know Axe Dark Temptation would be major hit with him.

    Great giveaway. I didn’t know about Axe Dark Temptation until now. Thanks!

  223. Jay F.

    The smell of chocolate in an Axe spray. As a dude, now I won’t have to go out with Hershey’s Kisses under my arms to be attractive to the opposite sex. The Hershey’s tended to cause some awful underarm stains. This sounds a lot better.

    Next, will they create a meat smelling spray that will make your dog play with you?

  224. Christie

    AXE dark chocolate is my Valentine pick because it smells so darn good and it won’t ever cheat on you!

  225. Mark W

    my wife loves me and loves chocolate- what a grat combination!

  226. D. Martin

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because it smells so good

  227. Susan Ledet

    The great smell of AXE and chocolate? My man wouldn’t get out of the house.

  228. Molly Capel

    It’s my pick, because I have 2 guys I could give this to, my dh & my oldest son.

  229. brian e.

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because I suspect that only a chocolate scented body wash is enough incentive / temptation to get my girlfriend to properly scrub my back !!!

  230. Paula Harmon

    You see on tv how Axe drives women crazy. I can’t wait to spray it on hubby and see how it works!

  231. james anderson

    because valentine’s day is a day full of dark temptation, from the cuties to the restaurants and gifts to the limitless chocolate!!!

  232. Andi

    Dark Temptation is my pick for Vday because who doesn’t love chocolate?!? I do have to say that I can’t quite wrap my mind around the concept of this product but I won’t judge until I do the whiff test!

  233. Tammie

    Flowers, chocolate and my husband… Valentine’s happening more that once a year in this household. 🙂

  234. Chris Brazeal

    Axe is the best thing ever. And chocolate to boot, you just can’t go wrong!!

  235. Samantha Miller

    Axe smells better than all other colognes. Of course it would be first choice!

  236. Cheryl Smith

    What could smell better on my guy for Valentine’s Day than chocolate?

  237. John Deal

    Smelling like Chocolate conjures up some interesting images.

  238. Stephanie

    OH MY! I LOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate and I LOVE AXE! I’d love to give this to my husband and have him smelling like chocolate… I can see it now (or should I say smell)

  239. Annemarie

    I love chocolate and would love my boyfriend to smell like chocolate too!!

  240. cranepuffin

    I want my man to smell like my favorite flaming hot torte dessert.

  241. Lu Ann

    I love Chocolate and I love Axe products. I buy them for my son.

  242. Laura Emerson

    There is something so alluring and sexy about the scent of chocolate and spice. It is like having the best of both worlds!

  243. Nanette Olson

    My husband really likes Axe products. Please enter me.

  244. mskayz

    My husband loves fragrance and since this is a new Axe scent he would love to try it!!

  245. Julie K

    My husband likes these! The price is great and it smells nice, too.

  246. meena thao

    what a way to SPICE up my love life! Nothing else better than to say “I love you” with a little chocolate on top! Can’t wait to try it!

  247. Jori

    I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE men. What could be better than the 2 together!

  248. Terry C

    It’s my pick because it’s supposed to be as irresistible as chocolate and who wouldn’t love that!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  249. cathleen n.

    Chocolate is my biggest passion, and when my guy can smell like it, I’ll take the Axe Dark Temptation over say, Ivory soap, any day! Yummy enough to eat 😀

  250. Karin

    Chocolate is hard for most women to resist so that’s why
    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day….it’s irresistible.

  251. Storm

    It’s my pick for Valentine’s Day because DH loves this stuff – it makes him even sexier 😉

  252. Jaque

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because chocolate is simply irresistable! Just like my man! 🙂 Thank you.

  253. Deborah Carter

    Valentine’s Day with the Axe-Man would be my dream come true – I love the commercials!

  254. Cathy B

    Chocolate and AXE, the perfect combo that would please any man! and in time for Valentines!
    cathy b
    project hope 7 (at) g mail (dot) com

  255. Cherie R.

    I’d make this my Valentine’s Day pick because I think I’d follow my husband just about anywhere if he smelled like chocolate!

  256. Darcy

    I’d choose it because it’s an irresistable scent, perfect for a romantic Valentine’s evening. Thank you!

  257. Peggy Gorman

    Its perfect for the most romantic day,chocolate and flowers so how can you go wrong and I’ll pass on the chocolates when I have my man to nibble on

  258. Teresa E

    AXE Dark Temptation would be my pick, because I like the way it smells on my man . They have great commercials too.

  259. Valerie Furr

    Wow Chocolate, I know the Dark Temptation is the best spelling bath gel I have ever bought
    my husband. It leaves a lasting great fragrance that just keeps you wanting to kiss that man of yours.

  260. Geoff K

    I’d pick Dark Temptation for Valentine’s Day to see if I can work the “Axe Effect” to my advantage at a party I’ll be going to — would love to find myself in a situation like the ones the guys in the ads seem to get into (and with the smell of chocolate I might find a compatible partner with a sweet tooth like mine!) 🙂

  261. Suzanne Lewis

    Axe Dark Temptation sounds, well, tempting.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  262. Audrey

    I love the commercial and have heard great things of both AXE and this Dark Temptation. I’m sure my teenage son would love it if I won this.

  263. Catherine KingChuparkoff

    My husband is Axe crazy and would love and deserve this great prize.

  264. Stephanie

    My dirty boy + chocolate= a Valentine’s day gift way better than a cheap heart shaped assortment of dollar store chocolates! haha

  265. Lori C.

    AXE and chocolate – what an intriguing combination esp. for V-Day. 🙂

  266. MackDaddy60

    Using AXE has allowed me to no longer have to deal with the humiliation of being called “stinky”!

  267. Candie L

    My husband loves the smell of AXE products. I do to. Guess that makes it a temptation. Thank you

  268. Kayce C

    This would make a great gift for my boyfriend. I love nice smells.

  269. Dddiva

    If it is as tempting as chocolate, who wouldn’t be tempted by Axe Dark Temptation.
    Valentines day is about love and I just love chocolate and a great smelling man.

  270. Cynthia

    MMMMM….who wouldn’t like a guy who smelled like chocolate!

  271. Karen M

    I love treating my man to something special. This would be a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise for him. Thanks.

  272. Eric Rathbun

    It’s my pick because who doesn’t love their significant other smothered in chocolate?

  273. Shelley Slider

    I would pick this for Valentines day because I love the smell of chocolate and I think it would smell wondeful on my boyfriend! Delish!

  274. Lynn Wittner

    I picked it because I love anything chocolate and DH always smells so good!

  275. Betty C

    Axe has the right idea with chocolate. Good products and the temptation of chocolate on my man all day – delicious.

  276. Lucy

    The Axe is designed by a woman who’s fragrances are some of my favorites. Chocolate, a handsome man and Valentine’s day. What combination couldn’t be better. Now add in that shower get and it will be a memorable holiday!

  277. nicole

    My husband loves the AXE line of products and this would be something new for him to try.

  278. kathy pease

    axe smells so good my hub uses it all the time and he smells like heaven 🙂

  279. amy delong

    I love the chocolate axe on my hubby!!


  280. Cathy Truman

    Axe is one of my husband’s favorite
    product. The Chocolate would be
    wonderful. Thanks so much for the contest.

  281. Michelle H.

    I love chocolate and I think my husband would enjoy trying it.

  282. Dennis Bond

    I don’t know. The kiddies like this stuff. Seems awful strong to me. But what the hay, I would like the gift card.

  283. OlyveOyl

    Not everyone enjoys chocolate – however, I can make sure that it cure lure the right person to “enjoy” it now and then!

  284. Janet F

    AXE Dark Temptation is pick for Valentine’s Day because it is irresistible and I love Chocolate!

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot)

  285. Ingrid J.

    I love chocolate, my man loves AXE, I love how he smells in AXE and he loves me too.

  286. Tammy Marshall

    So tempting! I can’t wait to smell it on my honey! =)

  287. Rose Fisher

    Axe smells good. I would love to smell this new scent. MMMMMMMMMM chocolate….chasing men through the streets..this must be good! Thanks for the chance.

  288. Andrea

    I love the way Axe smells on my man, and making one smell like chocolate is beyond wonderful.

  289. Beverly M

    My teenage grandson loves AXE. Thanks for having the contest!

  290. Auriette

    I love chocolate, but my husband is allergic to scented products. Perfumes, deodorants, lotions – if it has a fragrance, he can’t be around it. I wish more companies made unscented antiperspirant/deodorants.

  291. Bill JEnsen

    AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because my girl will not be able to keep her hands and lips off of me. There’s nothing wrong with that! 😉

  292. kerri r

    I love axe and their chocoalte scent sounds seductive and me being the cholate lover I am to have a slight chocolate scent would be great on my husband

  293. Helen

    Who doesn’t love chocolate?!? And I’ve heard that this scent is very alluring.

  294. Becky

    Oh my gosh!!! Axe in chocolate! Sounds really great.


  295. Lily Kwan

    Axe Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day because it totally rocks!

  296. Kristen Hendricks

    I love the smell of chocolate. That is why AXE Dark Temptation is my pick for Valentine’s Day. With AXE Dark Temptation I can smell like chocolate for weeks to come. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  297. Lenae Lee

    Chocolate says it all for me. The sniffability of a chocolate fragrance lives on in my memory to produce cravings.

  298. Heather C

    Axe is supposed to make one go all wacko, and chocolate alone does that for me. I think the combo would be interestingly dangerous. 🙂

  299. Kathy yohanna

    I just love chocolate. It must be addicting. I know I will love Axe dark temptation. So, that is my pick for Valentine’s Day.