By Christabelle…@CBellesCloset

Chocolate/Turquoise stripe “Dog” collar –

It used to be the shoes you wore or the car you owned or even the school your diploma was from…now – you are who your PET is. So dress Fluffy and Fido to the nines and do it right. For ten years, Trish Hampton has been outfitting dogs across America (and overseas)…from the rich (think Mariah Carey’s pooches) to the poor (think my imaginary dog) and every other furry, four-legged friend in between.

Pink/Black Polka Dot “Kitty” Collar –

I’m happy to announce that Mushki (my sister’s cat who plots my death every time I am at her house) can retract her claws in jealousy, because, Trish Hampton is now offering KITTY COLLARS. Yes, you heard me correctly. Tabby and all of her friends can now pounce around and swat in style with a diddy-around-the-neck from the founder of all things awesome for pets – Trish Hampton.

Not enough good news? Well…Trish Hampton is also making “human” keychains (as in made for – not made of).  So you and your pet can be matchy-matchy on your summer sojourn to the Hampton’s.

Check out all of the latest designs at Trish Hampton and tell her Christabelle sent you! Side note, I am digging the new section “PoopBags” – just because it makes me giggle out loud.  “PoopBags” – there I did it again…

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