Pretty Sneaky Sis…by Anabelle

Remember family night when you were little?  Everyone sat around the table and played board games over a pizza. Ahhh…those were certainly the days. Give dad the gift of time travel (or at least a simulated one!) and flood him with favorite family past-times with Hasbro!

This year, skip the tie and give your dad a gift that he, and your entire family, can enjoy all year long! Whether he would like to test his strategic thinking with Risk, try to sink ships with Battleship or go head-to-head to get 4 in a row with Connect 4, Hasbro offers several great gift options for any father this season:
RISK gets a new look and feel this year with an updated map, new rules and faster action. Planning and executing strategic military campaigns has never been more intense as modernized rules streamline playing time to a fast and furious 90-minutes. RISK is recommended for 3-5 players ages 12 and up, and is available for an approximate retail price of $27.99.
The classic tactical combat game, BATTLESHIP, has been redesigned for 2009 to add more adventure and excitement to the ship-sinking game. Naval warriors plot their coordinates and mark hits and misses on a double-sided grid as they try to defeat their enemy’s fleet and rescue their crew. BATTLESHIP is recommended for 2 players ages 7 and up for an approximate retail price of $19.99.
CONNECT 4, the original four-in-a-row game, has gotten a makeover with new red and yellow checkers and three ways to play in 2009. This update to the classic game gives players more competition and more fun with the option to play the traditional game, as well as “Pop Out” and “Pop 10” which involve popping checkers out of the grid instead of dropping them into the top of the game board. CONNECT 4 is recommended for 2 players ages 6 and up for an approximate retail price of $14.99.

These games and more are available for purchase at TOYSRUS.COM and other mass retailers.

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